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Consciously Processing Change, Virtually

We all have things in our lives that challenge us to grow, that impact the love we have of ourselves, those around us, and life in general at times. In moving through these trials, we gain confidence, but it is not always easy, and for the biggest things, it is often hard. How hard we choose to receive it is ours though, so we place a pause on the action, a grounding to this moment, now how do you feel?

What is happening around you to cause you to feel as though something is at a state of unease, right now? In this state of dis-ease we have a hard time growing. We eat to grow; we breathe to grow—we always grow. But when our personal power rubs up against outside forces we pause. What is this outside of me that is causing the inside of me to feel this way?

Whatever “it” is. It has a common quality- the relative level of pain.

It does not matter what causes us to get there, how valid it might be to others to witness in ourselves, and often others may not even know anything is going on inside, but upon arrival, the pain felt is the same for everyone.

Still, the question remains, with nobody to speak with, or at least feel comfortable about discussing this with, what does one do?

Release it somehow, at first out loud in conversation, and then more fully as we share the space in search of answers. The release of the fear of the moment, the release of uncertainly, is that first step.

Beyond that, in time, we can accept what life gives, and we must take from it what it offers in order to live. Acceptance is not settling on what is lost, but rather is embracing the good things you still hold.

Can we then move into forgiveness of what we feel controls us? It may not be so obvious suas physical restraint, illness, or sudden loss of love, but release our negative feelings of “if not for this, I would be able to…”, which is a victim mindset, and one that often plagues people across the spectrum of life.

You are not a victim, you are here now, and what are you going to do about it?

That is what I am offering, and having walked many paths, searching for one that was best, I adopted many of the practices mentioned and you can too. I can tell you about it, illuminate those areas, and potential paths for consideration.

So, this is the healing, because that is how it feels to heal when you release the pain. The mantra through my years of terminal illness that ended not so terminal at all, “this is how it feels to heal”, but that is because I am not dead and was not dead during the process though told constantly my life was over, and inasmuch, everything “painful” is how it feels to heal.

I have someone I talk to about these things, but what about you? There was a time did not, and, though I did not feel so at the time, in hindsight, when I did, everything changed for the better. Much better. I lived through processes in which many, most, do not.

So, if you someone who can say yes to this: “I would never seek/address/other someone to talk to this about, but I would really like to….”

I can help you there, but all the answers will be coming from within you, and you will quickly see how different things can be with another perspective. Ones that are not often considered, and ones that are certainly not always comfortable, but, in the end, are the most healing.

Reach out, don’t keep it inside. Your world is much bigger than just right now.