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Shamanic Counseling

Believing gives You a Purpose

“Shamanism for me is a spiritual practice. When I say spiritual practice I mean it’s not just something that we do on Sunday or on the full moon. It’s something that we carry with us all the time. I feel this is an important thing to remember. When we’re doing our practice it’s good to remember what our intention [is]. What is our intention? Maybe you can ask what is our intention with life?” — Jonathon Horwitz

Spirituality does not mean religion. There is no need for any written text, any voice or opinion that needs to mater in your relationship to whatever it is you consider you can connect with beyond yourself. Perhaps it is God, perhaps it is a tree that you pass each day and exchange ideas, or perhaps it is simply yourself, if you can go that deep to a voice before now. A sense of purpose, that you are not an accident, is a major step forward gaining clarity along your life’s path.

I provide you with a customized, six week path where you learn from the very basic, to very specific Shamanic skills and practices.

From day one, you’ll be introduced to the Shamanic journey in which you will experience the feeling of non-ordinary reality. Together we’ll explore going from the created reality of the day-to-day world, into somewhere, “near hear” as they would say in old Ireland.

As you gather your awareness, you will see the importance of sacred space, certain objects, and find a renewed view of the world. I’ll present you with a morning routine that will help your spiritual garden flourish. Additionally, we’ll cover practices that will become a part of your daily life as you are shown areas to explore in the other world.

Over six weeks, you will be privy to initial steps for cultivating a personal Shamanic practice through my Shamanic Counseling sessions. From an introduction to Spirit, to journeying, to all aspects of life so you may gain a fresh and vibrant connection with yourself and the world, both here and near here. Presented in a form with some basic elements of core Shamanism- what I share comes through me largely via the Celtic and Nordic cultures and other teachings I have experienced and received over the many years.

No prior knowledge of shamanism or similar tradition is necessary. All you need is an open mind and a sincere desire to believe that there is more to life than just this.