VIDEO: Conscious Recovery – Compassion

I asked earlier today for questions to answer and the very first one got me. It was a question concerning substance abuse and its impact on both the individual and those around them. Fundamentally, it is the question of how to deal with “it”, whatever the “it” might be, that which perhaps we call “toxic”.

Certainly, we hear a lot about that on social media and the other loudspeakers in our lives, the coronavirus, global economy, lions, and tigers, and bears, and all that, but that is toxic too.

Being aware is one thing, but focusing on what might be, getting attached to the outcome, that is no good. You can’t change “it” if that involves someone else who needs to change too. You are only you and they have to change themselves.

Same with the coronavirus. Take care of yourself, do those things you feel can help you and do that, but just that. Preparing for the future does not mean preparing for EVERY future. Do you really need 96 rolls of toilet paper? You have the food to support that?

So, pick up another couple of bags of dry beans perhaps, you will have water and tend to yourself. Have compassion for you first. That way you are open, and if those around you can open to what is best for them and that is cool with you, awesome.

Let’s look at the trees in the wind….


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