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Ending your relationship with harmful substances is not easy, but there are many things you can do to help yourself along the way. There are a lot of clinical and peer-led groups, but what if that kind of arrangement is not suited for you? There are online options to consider, but does that work?

Of course, it does, the only thing that is going to work is you deciding to make changes and see them through anyway, so, if you are already using your phone, laptop, or tablet as your primary form of communication, why not give online counseling or recovery support a try? Peer-led group or individually?

If you have considered this before, or perhaps is the latest news of business, events, and meetings closing their doors due to the coronavirus, perhaps now is the time to try.

In 1997 I did something similar when I organized a group of people to help out in our specific way at the time to help flood victims of the flood that year in Grand Forks, ND. Now, I am doing something along those lines and offered a greatly reduced rate to anyone who is giving online counseling or recovery support a try. Perhaps it will be your first time, perhaps you have done something like this before, but regardless, the offer is there now at less than probably your normal setup, and you don’t have to leave home. 

Nothing is expected other than you get what you need while you do. One phone call to check in with yourself, have a chance for a different perspective you may not get from someone else, or perhaps you just need someone to talk to through this time.

Whatever it is, we can talk about it. This is not, however, formal drug and alcohol counseling. While I am certified in the State of Georgia to do that, there are a lot of complications with jurisdictions and they are a much more involved process. However, that does not apply to recovery support. So, as long as you are not in active addiction and currently in a state of recovery, we can meet in a recovery or self-help fashion.

The normal rate of $125 per session for this kind of service will be cut to $75 until the virus issue is behind us.

In my experience as a substance abuse counselor and earlier in recovery, as mentioned, I have worked in some popular systems and group formats. Now, that is available to you online, in a way that may be more suitable.

We will cover all the bases if needed, that comes with mainstream issues, but we will leave the beaten path with new tools on how to approach life.

Anything that can help your recovery at any stage is probably a good choice. Even if what you are recovering from is something other than drugs and alcohol, life itself can feature many changes and challenges that we must navigate with care. 

This is the same approach that will be taken in our new group Conscious Recovery, which you can attend for free with the option to support the group below.

The way this works with Conscious Recovery is, since most peer-led groups have a “pass the hat” system of energetic exchange, we will do that virtually here.

The basic group, Conscious Recovery, meets Mondays at 7 pm, US-EST, and will last one hour. Every other Thursday at 7 pm, group members at level two are invited to a topical session for issues such as self-care and more esoteric considerations. Details on Conscious Recover are coming, but the format can be previewed my checking out

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By all means, wash your hands, and if you get sick, stay home and get better. Call if it gets worse, and remember, you will get through this like you have so many other things, and if you feel isolated or otherwise just don’t want to go, reach out. We are always open and will get back with you quickly.

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