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Participation with Wind & Raven Pathwork

For nearly a decade, I have worked with individuals seeking to distance themselves from problematic behaviors or situations, and in many cases, addiction. Some have come seeking a blend of everything from certified drug and alcohol treatment, to traditional spiritual healing, and first and foremost: transition recovery. My Shamanic work is rooted in Nordic and Celtic approaches, though it shares the base understandings of the oldest spiritual traditions.

With several years’ experience facilitating groups in several of the popular non-12 step, rather self-help, programs, as well as other peer-led, groups, I advance old modes of treatment with an expanded client-informed approach to online addiction recovery and other crossroads in peoples’ lives. No matter the addiction, the attachment, the major life challenge, there is a way. You can find it.

In my more esoteric approach, my experience as both teacher and taught, as High Priestess Chrisy Gray of Rockinwood once told me, in a wide variety of old European and other indigenous traditions provide a backdrop that connects the physical and spiritual world and our conscious and subconscious reality. I do this work remotely or in person, it is vast, can be specific to ceremony such as journey. More details on my

In my own saga with a terminal illness, and later on, with cancer, I know first hand how hard it is to make major changes very quickly. To stop, or start, now. 

I seek to expose us to our freedom and our choices. Unlike traditional settings where I guide you through the process, a dynamic conversation develops in which learning evolves. Through identifying what we do and how we choose to look at it, my process connects us to our deeper intentions and fosters empowerment toward unbecoming what no longer aligns with our path, making space for bigger and more lasting change. Connect today and start your healing journey.


Participation Application

However you arrived here, we are glad you have made it! This begins your journey into a new way of thinking about the relationship between your behaviors, your thoughts, your choices, and your personal power. Here at Wind and Raven, these ideas are explored in one-on-one sessions, groups, courses, and research - but first things first: tell us about yourself!

  • NOTE: A FREE 30-minute consultation is included upon your submission of this application.

  • Wind and Raven Pathwork is dedicated to changing. Pathwork requires dedicated observation of one's inner world, to forfeit the addiction of being right, and to be accountable for one's own power. It is the intention at Wind and Raven to help Pathwork participants step into a lasting paradigm of empowered self-awareness and a thriving relationship to Self.

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