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Getting Through Challenges

Science, Spirit, and Experience

Are you ready for something new? When you work with Wind and Raven, you will be helped along your life path. We give you the tools and language you need to better connect to your sense of power, forge stronger relationships, get closer to truth, and better understand human consciousness.

Wind and Raven connects old modes of treatment with expanded, newer scientific explanations of how we think to create a vising grounded in neither side. Different perspectives, new learnings, and seeing things in a different kind of light, can greatly ease your path.

Recovery & Live in a Digital World

  1. FOUNDATION: Your Individual Reality
  2. RELATIONSHIP: Positive Power and Negative Force
  3. ENGAGING THE WORLD: Attractors and Attachment
  4. A NEW WAY: Establishing an Aligned Path

There are ways to distance yourself from problematic behaviors and situations, including addiction. Steve Patterson is a certified online addiction counselor and is here to help. He is also a shamanic practitioner and can help you connect with their deeper intentions, making space for lasting change. When we consider our conscious experience at a foundational level, we see how out thoughts and actions are determinants of our behaviors. If we change the former, the later does so by itself. You do it, yourself.


"Known and worked with Steve for almost a decade. Creative solutions with which to navigate the wilderness." - Larry Walton, LCSW

I am here to help you through any life challenge, change in career, lifestyle, or completely change everything about what you are doing. Perspectives and practices from a combination of healing modalities from Nordic and Celtic Shamanism to clinical psychology, I offer new ways to separate from problematic situations, toxic relationships, substance recovery.

Currently, I am living the digital nomad lifestyle and traveling the world. This does not impact my availability for individuals.

No-frills, honest, and upfront. Check out the videos page for more details in-depth. I can meet you. We can talk about it. There is a way, in fact, there are several. It is just which one. Perhaps the first step is contacting me. Let’s see.

Willing and motivated individuals with topics such as the following standards of life:

  • A strong connection to your sense of personal power and how to cultivate it.
  • The ability to observe positive choices and navigate negative attractions.
  • Discovery as a sense of purpose, intention to alignment.
  • Understanding the relationship between vulnerability, surrender, and forgiveness.
  • Exploring truth and consequences in choosing.
  • Living life by your terms.

Wind and Raven has prepared an offering that includes tools and language that confront the conscious and unconscious beliefs which drive behavior. Merging together the some of the ways of modern therapy, traditional spirituality, and that latest in the scientific exploration seeking an understanding of human consciousness.

This is not about being told what to do, but rather how to choose what is best for you in ways that may never have occurred to you before. We know a lot more about how we think than we know, but if there is one thing we know innately, it is what attracts our attention and why.

In this series of four sessions — either as a group or as individuals — you will gain additional perspectives that are not often considered in order to try to get to the root of any issue. What is known will be better understood. What is no longer necessary can be shed. And we will ask hard questions from an inner perspective, which gives rise to your voice in every situation.

The approach is middle-of-the-road between the esoteric, spiritual, and philosophical, and the latest scientific research in consciousness, reality, and non-linear, i.e., quantum, dynamics as it pertains to human behavior.

Wind and Raven is available by email for further clarity, as needed. Here is a brief overview of the offering generally. Aspects of each are in all, but they are a deeper dive into the subject.

• 1 FOUNDATION: Your Individual Reality
• 2 RELATIONSHIP: Positive Power and Negative Force
• 3 ENGAGING THE WORLD: Attractors and Attachment
• 4 NEW WAY: Establishing an Aligned Path

Sessions are available at least a few days apart and can begin at any time. Scheduling is based on availability and time zones are not an issue.

Individual Session: One-hour sessions in which the positive and negative energy around a given situation is understood and a strategy for success is developed. These are relatively fast-paced sessions in which we are both of us are prepared with basic information to allow us to take a deep dive from the start.

Maintaining Change: Have you recently moved past some form of change and are working on your new path? Some relatively minor adjustments in the way you approach things can help get you on track and establish an aligned path. The number of sessions and cost will be worked out before the first session.

Radical Change: Are you ready for something completely new in life? There are endless possibilities in life, and knowing when it is time to leave something behind, step back, change course, or seek to change your personal reality — it can be done.

If you are ready for a radical change in your life's path, gaining a different perspective and a new approach is a key to success.

This is where you truly step out of the paradigm of social conditioning and free yourself of what no longer serves you. In raising your consciousness to see through the illusions of society and all of its traps, you make yourself vulnerable to the truth of your life and surrender to it knowing that you alone make your choices. You cultivate the power of positive energy and are free from the negative attractors of force.

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