YouTube and Me, Love at First Sight

I have updated the YouTube page with playlists to separate the content. While this may change as I am on the road, so to speak, the sub-categories of what I will be speaking about while on my global voyage are cancer/transplant, attachment/letting go, created reality, spirituality, big features, and then the standard digital nomad content creator videos, e.g., a wrap-up of staying in that location as it applies to what digital nomads look for.

While there are a bunch of digital nomads who make outstanding video coverage of not only how to adopt this lifestyle, they also feature the work they do as digital entrepreneurs often as a facet of their presentation, i.e., what they do for work.

That said, I have not seen one, yet, who looks much over 30 and I am. So, in addition to the flavor of how I am sharing my video creations of the journey will be from a slightly different perspective.

  • What is it like to travel internationally for an extended time with a health condition that will need maintenance to involve getting blood tests far from “home”?
    • Travel insurance, organizations that can help in a pinch by location, basic mainstream health practitioner availability for specific needs.
    • Many more considerations in this general conversation that may be useful to others.
  • Visiting Cultural and Spiritual sights.
    • Not being attached to any specific spiritual belief yet having a strong connection to something larger, my interaction with at least one tradition, in some instances as many as three, in seeking an understanding of what they believe.
    • Going to the oldest places relevant and interacting with someone locally who represents that traditions modern expression or understanding.
  • What it is like being solo for so long. Waking up every day to faces you have not seen before nor likely will again and you don’t speak the language.
    • Since I will be interacting with locals a lot, how I deal with language barriers without learning every language as I go.
    • Loneliness in general and how I process its encroachment while “out there”. Missing my children, and grandchild, and staying in touch with them so it is not just “he is on YouTube”.

Having spent the past 25 years working digitally, and having remained self-employed through that time in the US, how will this time abroad impact my feeling of nationalism, as in that time though I have lived in three, I have felt no home state. I have been saying for years I would like to seek citizenship in Iceland. While that is no longer in the mix due to the complexity of their immigration and other dynamics, I am long past the question of leaving the US to that level. Who knows.

The people I am working with individuals in my counselor/coach capacity are aware of this already, but that work continues to be available, though not as many openings in the past, but certainly feel free to email me if you would like to meet, digitally, and discuss whatever life challenge or process or transition or especially recovery and rediscovery and we can arrange a time.


@windandraven on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and the Universe.

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