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As I move laterally into more video blogging from the other forms of work I have done solely online since 1996, not everything I do will be listed on this page, and I will no longer be in the United States. My already nomadic lifestyle is going “non-location-dependent” for a time.

Everything will be on my YouTube Page, where you can “subscribe” for free (thank you) to see them as they are posted from my travels.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY-AKk8mB2jIaRbsK042iZA

Also, almost every day I post something on the following as well:

IG: @windandraven
FB: Wind and Raven – Digital Nomad and prior to that page Wind and Raven

Please comment on anything regardless of where you see it and I will respond. Also, my work with individuals continues and will be uninterrupted by my non-location dependence for the foreseeable beyond December.

Additionally, I will continue to include the various aspects of human conscious experience as I have in the past, but in going to places around the world that have something to do with how we think and what we believe in the first place in the form of spiritual and cultural sites, I will use the world as my illustration.

These next four months will largely be about the preparation to drop virtually everything and leave…just go, and stay gone. One way ticket with no predetermined date of ending that begins the first week in January 2021. Beyond that date, I will do video logs from everywhere I go.

I invite you to come along, it will be a learning experience no matter what happens and I am ready for everything.

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