Raven in a Cage – Day 9

For the remainder of this crazy period of time, I am going to continue to step back from the more serious approach I usually take in these videos as it is like we are all just sitting around in the first place.

Nothing really changes sans the “latest update”.

I deepening into cultivating a relationship with the kinds of people I surround myself with, people with so many things in common such as Veterans and Deadheads, more on that later, I choose to keep it very conversation while still touching on something perhaps we can all be considering right about now.

We need to fall back each day for our own after-action review, check out the setlist of our day and look for the best things that are happening for us right now. That way, we can get back on our personal bus and deploy to a new area of operation each day.

One where we are in control of our own lines of communications, making sure who is watching our six to keep us out of being trapped on a ship of fools floundering in the sea of the toxic soup of all the information.

Slow down. Stand down. Take a load off.

If anything in this resonates with you, if it causes something to rise up and you need to let go of, fire at will below because we have plenty of things to talk about.

We are not going anywhere for a while, so, slap a retread on your feet, keep your feet dry and canteens topped off. Let’s roll.

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