Old Friends

An old friend called today after a few years to say he has had enough with alcohol. We talked for quite a while about that, and once again I am in those moments in-between such pivotal moments.

My day was easy, it took being told I had six months to live, literally, if I did not change that and a whole bunch of other things. That made the obvious choice easy, though there was nothing easy about it. I did it nonetheless. |

What I did not do, however, was any form of measurable therapy. I had more important things going on, it has not come up since.

But that is not the case with everyone, thankfully, and most people enter the second stage of change relatively healthy, out of serious legal issues, and still have perhaps a chance to save their relationship, career, etc., that is being negatively impacted by this other ingredient.

Be that as it may. It should not take being told you are dying so do everything you can to live, or, do that again and you will go to jail, or, do that or I will leave you…..again.”

Sucks to look at it like that, but it also sucks to live under the belief that something controls you. Nothing but you control you and if that hurts to read so be it. You are the most important thing you know.

That is the part that gets lost in all of this early. Who am I? I am…. what? What are you?

Happy because I did this substance, drank that drink, gave up once again, and will not face life.

I know, sounds rough. But, like many people, and my story is nothing special it is just real. I have walked alongside a lot of people on this path and have seen a lot of the potholes.

No, they are not all the same, they are all quite different. They are all unique to each person.

Similar patterns, similar conditions, random outcomes that can never be predicted.

That is life either way. No need to add to it in that way. I am not telling you what to do, I did not tell my friend what to do, I do not do that. That is your choice. But whatever you do. Do not give up no matter what your mind tells you, and do not for a second that alcohol brings you any peace or spirit or anything other a shroud that prevents your neurons from receiving lower levels of energy, less being negative, therefore you only feel positive energy. Then a belief is created in the mind that the alcohol made you feel better, and illusion, then you live in that illusion.

Especially if you are like someone I recently talked to who said he can only experience spirit with Gin. Now I know, don’t tell anyone about their spirituality, and I do not do that either, but might I say.

Spirit is available to you + gin sometimes

Spirit is available to me always

Apparently, Gin is not a requirement. Though you certainly are free to consider it that way.

My point? Don’t give things outside of you too much credit for your happiness. Everything in your life is something you put there or you allow to stay. Or you stay, whatever, and there are times that is hard, but, ultimately, every choice is yours if you choose to take it.

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