Airborne over Medellin

It may look like all of this is just a lot of fun, but it is more work at this point than I had anticipated.

Most of the things I thought I had planned for and prepared for have not gone as foreseen. In fact, some of it has gone far from it to the point where it looks nothing like it did before I left Athens, Ga.

The more simple considerations, ensuring cash flow, connecting to the Internet, and even doing my laundry have been learning experiences that can only come by that means: experience.

Even my favorite Celtic bracelet seems to have found a new home. In all, however, it is very much worth it as the collect total of all of these events has prepared me for what looks to be a continuing journey down a road I did not even know existed when I left.

Even my plan to return to the US in December for a quick stop before continuing on is in question with the real or imagined turmoil around the upcoming presidential election to how the states are failing to address COVID in a way that makes traveling to other countries even possible.

Within that, there is the chance that travel will not be overseas but within the American hemisphere for a time as time zone issues themselves have become a player in the final decision for December.

The best part is that I have found other things I was not expecting that are going great. Those include friendships, partnerships, and new vistas in what I am doing in the first place.

What comes next? Who cares….

All that I know is that for the entire years I was sidelined with my well-documented illness that was mostly resolved in January 2019 I had planned on leaving the US when I was able. The conditions were right for that when I left Pittsburgh VA hospital in August after a brush, once again, with “the end”.At that point, and finally, physically pain-free for the first time since 2011, and given a clean bill of health by my top doctor, it was clear it was now or potentially never. The general atmosphere of the United States and my attachment to a story that was constantly perceived to be spiraling down by myself of others made the green light shine so that my own could light a new path before me.

I took the step, and now I am free. That is the best thing for me perhaps in my life thus far, and it is enabling me to live life to the fullest extent.I could talk about the future all I wanted and would still be doing that from my isolated little corner of the world I had sat in for most of a decade.

I stepped out, walked a little, and then chose to fly as I am now.

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