Answer is maybe, and that is final

First Europe, then Bali, now Columbia: closed overall or just the anyone coming from the US. So, they are out for pre-2021 destinations.

So, where to for 2020 hopefully by mid-October? Here is the latest.

Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Armenia, and Macedonia are all open.

I have not looked into Bosnia or Croatia much, and Macedonia looks to be on the more expensive end. Perhaps that is not the case but for the cities, I checked it was. I have known a guy in Moldova, he likes cats and loves to fight (hey Kenny :-), but they are just barely doing better than the US in being “under control” with the virus as it impacts travel.

Currently, Bulgaria is/was set in stone as the January destination for a specific reason, there are three traditions there I am interested in learning about, and being there in the snowy winter sounds dreamy. But Bali has moved back into the “ASAP” space due to an outside interaction, and I also know two people there already. There is a form of shamanism there I would like to learn more about.

That means Bulgaria may have to wait as I will return to the US anyway after the first stop for a few days over the holidays (kids), before heading out back the first week of January. I don’t want to just fly right back to the same region and then there is this Bali development, which “begins” in February, but I could get there a month early as it is a 30 day country in the first place.

Speaking of visa hopping, the 30-day thing, two southeastern European countries have said that they plan to have a digital nomad visa. Most countries have a 90-day rule for personal or travel visits. These new visas may be six months minimum and a much longer allowance of time in the country. So, Georgia being one of these and a rising nomad hotspot and a place packed with old-world things, I will probably do that towards the end of next year, or at least that looks appealing now.

I also want to get to Samiland, but western and northern Europe are not in my price range…yet. They will likely be 2022.

So where does that leave me now? Belgrade as of this moment. Lodging and airfare are not much more than would have been Medellin had they not extended their border closure, like Bali. But, as you have seen in how much the first destination has changed, it could again. The departure is more important. It will be somewhere, and in time things will settle down as we move through the corona era.

Has anyone been to Serbia lately? What is it like? Would you go again? What did you do there?

Let know, and I will be in touch.

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