Transcending the Negative

To be a winner, you need a lot of support. Both within yourself and in the choices in how you engage people in conversation and approach any situation. That support is called power, your personal power, and, like everything, how much of that you have is based on the energy you put into its cultivation.

How do you do that? How does one cultivate personal power is a question I am often asked, but it is not as simple as planting seeds of hope in your heart or repeating a mantra in some space of nothingness in hopes of divine intervention to save us from ourselves. It also cannot either be found in a bunch of empty clichés we think will change us in the form of daily inspiration that seeks to illustrate the best in life in its base form, and create an illusion of false hope, which is a form of bypassing that does nothing to remove the contributing factors behind your choices.

When the illusion fades, you then succumb to a new illusion of hopelessness leading to despair in reaching to others to “fix you”.

Your salvation is in you, you just have to make the best choices, and when you do not make the right ones, you learn from them and don’t do “that” again. Otherwise, it is back to the self-appointed guru to save you again with the latest esoteric flavor of the month or counselor chained to their role to diagnose you and treat your condition without treating you in the container of there process. The addiction counselor will remain the addiction counselor with you while you are expected to change. They do not, so how can they grow with you when they always remain the same.

This is what I mean when I say I stepped out of the container of clinical counseling. Like you, I grow, and, like you, that means I am not the same person I was in the previous moment as I continue to grow. But, like others, I make good choices, or at least I believe I  do, and I simply outgrew the container and knew there was much more.


More for me, and more for those I work with. Ever evolving and dynamic, like life, and isn’t that what we are all trying to do in a better way in the first place? Have a good life?

Others might offer good suggestions based on how they see you, and it is good to seek help, but only you know what you want, and only you make your choices.

The base of anything is its foundation, and upon that you positively create your path in life. Like the positive and negative energies in your life, the only way to harvest power is with a positive contribution, thus growing your personal power and allowing you to rise above the negative attractors.

How do you do that is usually the next question I am asked, and this one is easy.

Choose the positive.

But that is not always an easy thing to do in the moment.

The more power you have, the better decisions you make simply by seeing more options. It is not that it gives you more time to ruminate on your decision and mull each one over and over again, but the inherent ability to consider things from a higher vantage point where you see more, a wider perspective, and with clarity to see beyond the illusions of fear, anger, and apathy that lead to the victim mindset. One where you feel as if the world is somehow against you, or something is running your life, or some story has been conditioned into you that you feel you must uphold.

Positive or negative choices are everywhere, but to identify the best ones, the positive ones, the ones that have more power to sustain, that nurture you with their energy. The ability to grow is needed, but it is difficult to realize for those languishing with their attraction to low energy that results in force. It is the fear of the unknown because what is known to do is not readily available to you due to your limited seeing shrouded in your own smokescreen.

Examples of negative energy are shame, guilt, ego-driven pride, apathy, and desire.

On Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, which he revealed in his 1995 book Power vs. Force, these negative energy fields are referred to as force. Power, which begins at the point of self-confidence and courage, is a necessary step in rising above the drag of force that complicates our lives. I mention his name a lot, and it is clear to anyone who knows of him sees that in what I say, and that is because I took it to heart many years ago at a time when it was most needed and I grew.

Applying that general structure, it is easy to see how relatively easy it is to see the negative influences in our lives by lowering our overall consciousness in making our decisions, and how their strong attraction is so easy to slip into as we sort out the mixed messages that form what we believe and to clear the illusions these negative attractors detract from our energy so easily at times. They act as a drain on our personal power, and perhaps we wonder where it went, and we blame something else.

In the current atmosphere of attention to consciousness, which has become a sort of catch-all term for so many areas of holistic mental health, it can be easily defined as an infinite field of possibilities on which a matrix of shared understanding exists, so-called points of congruence around positive and negative attractors as demonstrated in Chaos Theory, that is the foundation of what we perceive as reality. The misstep here is that we then consider it only in a linear model of this causes that.

Consciousness is referred to in many ways today, but at its base, as it applies to human behavior, it is more or less simply thought based on our awareness and our beliefs. There is only this moment, which is the culmination of everything before, and there truly is no this and there is no that, there is only now and what you choose and thus life unfolds. The rightness or wrongness of those choices is personal to only us, and we can actively choose our path if we can stay above the negative drain of dwelling on what we think of as wrong and seek whatever positive we can in any situation as a basis for our next step.

How aware are we of the traps we lay for ourselves in our actions and outdated or reinforced beliefs that may have changed since we were first taught them or otherwise?

Truth, like consciousness, is also a term used as a rubber band to expand around and form into an abstract solid that we then believe to be what we call truth.

Regardless of how far you want to go in considering consciousness and truth, discernment in the former impacts how you arrive at the latter.

The more negative energy in your life, the lower your level of consciousness around the events in your life, and that can prevent you from being open to the positive attractors that are always around you in every situation.

Are you living up to the expectations of others? Are you forming an ego-driven pride of accomplishments to wear as a badge of honor for others to see, or are you the badge of honor yourself because you know how good you are?

Choosing on your own, for you and not for someone else, not for someone else in the way of living up to their expectations by attaining titles or recognition to prove you are good enough, and choosing those that lead to a positive outcome, no matter how small that step may be. Weather the storm of negative beliefs about a lack of options that blur the way to keep you aligned with the path you want to pursue in life.

Are you afraid of the potential negative consequences of your choices, or beliefs that you need to do something to satisfy the demands of others? If so, that is negative energy because you are giving your power to others instead of building your power in stepping up to the plate, making the tough decision, and seeking a positive outcome.

If you are doing it for yourself then you are already there, you have a foundation of courage. The knowing in your self that no matter what life presents, you will make the best choice in any situation, the one that nurtures you, and even when the choices may not turn out to be the best one, at least you made it. Keep doing that and you will get better. It is not that you are “less good” now, but exercising trial and error while keeping that general positive outlook of making your own decisions will raise your consciousness around the conditions of your life, and in time you gain self-confidence.

With self-confidence, ego-driven pride loses its luster as the luster of you prevails and illuminates the path before you.

There are plenty of things you can do when it comes to positive energy. Laughter alone lifts you above your situation even if you snicker at some “goofball decision” you just made. At least you see that, and you are not laughing at yourself, you are laughing at the wacky situations we sometimes put ourselves in and we learn from it.

“We will laugh about this someday”, one might say when the car breaks down, on a dirt road in the mountains, in the rain, with no cell reception, but it sure is not funny right now.

Well, why not?

Go ahead and laugh now, it will illustrate to you the absurdity of life at times and allow you a moment to relax, let the negative thoughts and feelings go, and know that when you say you are going to be amused by this moment later in life, that also means you are going to make it. You probably will have a story to tell too, so go ahead and pile up the rest of those stressors, you know, the fact that you will need to walk to the top of that hill to be able to connect with the outside world, but when you reach that summit you find your positive outcome: that solid connection you realize as the result from that call for help.

It is not always easy, and that is good. If it was, life would be boring. Challenge is what compels us to either grow or wither. You can only grow with the power to do so, and nothing grows as its power drains away.

It is cliché to simply say “be positive” or “think good thoughts”, and it is reckless to have such a carefree attitude that allows you to avoid life’s provocations, let others shoulder your blame, or simply ignore your humanness.

To transcend the negative, to use force in adopting the negative tending energies that sap our power, one needs positive energy. The more energy the more power, thus the higher your consciousness. You rise above the negative attractors, the folly of life, to reveal the abundance of opportunity available. Staying aligned with the life you want to lead is easily attained with positive choices.

Lujan Matus, in his book “I Am”, writes that “suffering”, or the challenges in life, “demands service”. This form of service is to yourself, which by default will positively impact those you love, and service gives us “purpose”. With purpose comes “intention”, and with intention, we can maintain that alignment to where we want to go in life.

On the quest for enlightenment, of the true nature of life, illuminating the path before you with positive gives you the clarity you seek in getting to where it is you want to go.

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