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Steve Patterson is a Georgia certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor who has worked in substance abuse recovery since 2015. He is a member of NADAAC, IC&RC, as well as other professional and trade organizations. Additionally, he has maintained a presence as a shamanic practitioner prior to entering behavioral health.

Beyond his work as a group facilitator and individual counselor in substance abuse recovery and other major life challenges around attachment, he is researching the emerging confluence of cutting edge science and analytical philosophy in search of a new approach to behavioral health foundationally.

Earlier experience included a career as a publisher and journalist for and YAHOO! Sports for 17 seasons where he had an active community of over 250,000 registered users, a Podcast, and appeared nationally on sports talk radio from ESPN to Alaska to Sirius Sattelite, to which he reported. During this time, which was largely virtual interaction with people, he spoke at various sports-related events and maintained a high profilin social media since the late 1990s.

Everything changed with the onset of an eight-year illness that featured liver failure, cancer, and ultimately transplant, he began as a student of, and then began researching, teaching, coaching and later counseling, in both the clinical and esoteric communities as well as with individuals. Following transplant in 2019, he took his practice online to which he had been using since 2014 for announcements of events and a blog mostly dealing with spiritual and personal self-care. The mind-body question of belief became the focus.

Aside from the time in the clinical setting of 2015-2018, he has worked exclusively in the online space since 1997 and maintained a close relationship with online communities. An Army infantry veteran and father of four, he studied the history of science, medicine, and the American military, at Northern Arizona and Oregon State universities. He lives by himself outside of Athens, Georgia.

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Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (ADACBGA, IIRC), Nationally Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist (NAADAC), Recovery Coach Trainer (CCAR), SMART Recovery, Seeking Safety, Prime Solutions. SBRIT.
History, Science and Medicine, Oregon State University.

PsychologyToday – Society of Shamanic Practitioners


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