VIDEO: Conscious Recovery – Compassion

I asked earlier today for questions to answer and the very first one got me. It was a question concerning substance abuse and its impact on both the individual and those around them. Fundamentally, it is the question of how to deal with “it”, whatever the “it” might be, that Continue Reading

Online Counseling

Ending your relationship with harmful substances is not easy, but there are many things you can do to help yourself along the way. There are a lot of clinical and peer-led groups, but what if that kind of arrangement is not suited for you? There are online options to consider, Continue Reading

New Considerations in Consciousness

An invitation to those seeking new understandings of consciousness based on the advances of research science, quantum mechanics, artificial intelligence, philosophy, and spirituality. The cutting edge of understanding with the intention of opening a new form of mental health approaches that consider the latest approaches. Beyond spirituality and beyond where Continue Reading