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Wind and Raven

Online Guidance and Support from Odin to Addiction

Loss of personal power over the conditions of your life?

Do you feel disempowered by the mainstream?

Are you seeking a greater conscious understanding of your life and who you are?

Moving past an addiction, attachment, old story?

Something like this? Want to do talk to someone from home?

At a time good for you?

Welcome to Wind and Raven, I am Steve Patterson

*Offering: See updated Corona Virus sessions.

Approaching problems from a different perspective on the fine line between mainstream and alternative consciousness, and making major life changes along the way.

I am Steve Patterson. Cancer survivor, transplant survivor, Veteran, Shamanic Practitioner, and certified drug and alcohol counselor. I have seen some things, and have helped others look at things differently and realize a change in their lives.

Our lives are the consequence of our Free Will. Whether we feel pressure, restraint, or stagnation, we always have the Power and the Responsibility to navigate our circumstances and create the life we Desire and Deserve.

At Wind and Raven, I believe that Perspective is fundamental to human behavior and that people everywhere can Recover from unhealthy patterns of behavior through a deeper consideration of Consciousness.