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Wind and Raven

Exploring Consiousness of Recovery and Change

Our lives are the consequence of our Free Will. Whether we feel pressure, restraint, or stagnation, we always have the Power and the Responsibility to navigate our circumstances and create the life we Desire and Deserve. At Wind and Raven, we believe that Perspective is fundamental to human behavior, and that people everywhere can Recover from unhealthy patterns of behavior through a deeper consideration of Consciousness. Together, we will work to shift out of the victim-mentality and step into a paradigm of Empowered Self-Awareness to promote long-term healing and a thriving relationship to the Self.

Where do our beliefs come from? Why do we believe the things we believe?

Do you experience resistance to conventional means of recovery? Do you feel dis-empowered by mainstream healing practices? Are you seeking a greater conscious understanding of your life and who you are? The Wind and Raven approach has helped individuals to navigate a path to Self-informed conscious healing for over 10 years. With experience as both Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor and shaman, I am familiar with the gifts and limitations of traditional forms of treatment - as well as the wealth of our own inherent potential. All we need is already within us; it is simply a Willingness and Desire to Change that is key to unlocking the shackles which bind us. The rest will unfold in Time.

Learn more about my Person-centered approach to recovery

Wind and Raven invites you to discover a world in which everything serves you, a place that supports your best interests, and where you can lay a solid foundation upon which to create. Changing your life starts with knowing who you are and where you want to go. To accomplish this requires a deeper union in every aspect of the Self. To explore the cause of your disruptive behavioral patterns at their core and reclaim your personal power, schedule a consultation today. Live and virtual sessions are available.

Virtual and Live Offerings

Upon completion of the Initial Assessment call, recurring sessions are offered at your discretion. Payment is due upon making the reservation. Once payment is received, confirmation and any additional information will be sent via email and text.

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