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In a big shift in your personal life? Stepping back from the toxic?

Are you safe? What would it take to get there if not?

Are you on the other side of change and still putting it all together?

Life changes from recovery to revaluation and planning are always your choice.

Approaching problems from a different perspective from my own hybrid combination of mainstream and alternative consciousness approaches.

Wind and Raven, Freedom as a Mindset

I am Steve Patterson. I work with individuals on a variety of issues from substance recovery, to getting through challenges, to developing a personal path of spirituality and self-care without overcomplicating your life.

I believe that the freedom of personal choice in all aspects of one's life to be the most important thing we can maintain for ourselves.

I am certified in both clinical recovery and counseling for substance abuse, have nearly 20 years in experience in indigenous spirituality, and a Digital Nomad. The latter oddly nicely sums up the collect total of all the others "above" it-my self is my responsibility regardless of where I am.

Regardless of how they come, most people I have worked with leave with a different understanding of their life, reality, and a new way to "fit".

"Something happened today that made me thing of our time together," is something I hear from time to time That, and the fact that I love my work, and it is why I do it.